Miniature Shaker


A small electro-dynamic shaker is a good choice for those tests where the units under test are minimal, the required force is limited, and a more flexible, easier movable, and compact design is needed to match field use.

The shaker consists of an embedded power amplifier, a signal generator with open-loop control, and a slide for horizontal testing. It is also used for systems with power amplifiers and controllers. In addition, it supported natural air cooling and forced air cooling (fan).


  • Frequency range: 2-10000Hz
  • Permanent magnet design: small size, strong force
  • Appearance design: smart but stable
  • Vibration mode: vertical, horizontal
  • Cooling design: support different cooling methods (Working temperature: 0℃- 40℃)
  • Application: vibration testing in industry, study the dynamic behaviour of materials for institutions, educational 


 Modal name  LT-2  LT-10  LT-20  LT-50  LT-1000
 Force(N)  20N(44.96lbf)  100N(224.8lbf)  200N(449.6lbf)  500N(1124lbf) 1000N(2248lbf)
 Frequency   Range(Hz)


 2~7K  2~7K  5~5k 5-6.5k
 Max Displacement   p-p(mm)  5  13  13  10 25.4
 Max Acceleration(g)  20  40  80  34 50
 Moving Part   Mass(kg)  0.1  0.25 0.25  1.5 2
 Max Load(kg)  0.8  1  2  8 20
 Dimensions(L×W×H)   (mm)  165×150×160  245×210×240  245×210×240  315×284×280 400×370×470
 Total Weight(kg)  5  6.5  18  55 130
 Cooling Method  Pressured Air  Pressured Air  Air  Air Air



Vibration Energy Harvesting

Microelectronic devices require continuous energy capture when working. The vibration simulation system and intelligent control system of ECON can be used in the laboratory to simulate the actual vibration environment of the test system, providing a perfect solution and equipment for research in the field of vibration energy capturing.