ED Shaker


Electro-dynamic shakers play an important role in environmental testing. It provides a testing platform for packing and transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile and any other real-world condition simulation.

Utilizing the VT-9008 series shaker vibration controller, the closed-loop system can accurately reproduce real-world vibration conditions on products from the industries like electronic, automotive, aerospace, aviation, etc.

For closed-loop system, the controller use displacement, velocity, acceleration, or force as feedback control parameter to accurately simulate a wide range of profiles and conditions that can help improve the quality and reliability of many products.


Electro-dynamic shakers cover a wide range of force output from 300Kgf to 5,400 Kgf. Testing tiny objects to large specimen and payloads. Major applications of the electro-dynamic shakers are:

  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Packaging and transportation related tests
  • Road simulation tests for vehicle and components
  • Seismic simulation tests
  • Other vibration and shock tests 


 Modal Number  ITS-300  ITS-600  ITS-1000  ITS-2000  ITS-3200  ITS-5400
Max. Sine Force  300kgf/660lbf  600kgf/2200lbf   1000kgf/2200lbf   2000kgf/2200lbf   3200kgf/2200lbf   5400kgf/2200lbf 
Max.Random Force  210kgf/463lbf   420kgf/1543lbf   700kgf/1543lbf   1400kgf/1543lbf   2240kgf/1543lbf   3780kgf/1543lbf 
Frequency Range(Hz)       2-3000  2-3000  2-2000  2-2000  2-2000  2-2000
Max.Displacement(p-p)   25.4mm/1''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''
Max.Velocity  1.8m/s6.56ft/s  1.8m/s6.56ft/s  1.8m/s6.56ft/s  1.8m/s6.56ft/s  1.8m/s6.56ft/s  1.8m/s6.56ft/s
Max.Acceleration  100g  100g  100g  100g  100g  100g
Effective Armature mass  3kg/6.6lbs  6kg/132.lbs  10kg/22lbs  22kg/44lbs  32kg/75lbs  55kg/110lbs
Power Amplifier  VSA-H402A  VSA-H802A  VSA-H123A  VSA-H243A  VSA-H323A  VSA-H563A
Blower Model  PBL-1  PBL-2  PBL-2  PBL-3  PBL-3  PBL-3



  • Output force from 300Kgf to 5,400 Kgf
  • Frequency Range: 5 – 3,000 Hz
  • Max. Displacement: 2 inches (p-p)
  • Max. payload: 300Kg
  • Controller: 8-channel controller with random, sine, Shock, RSTD(Resonance Search and Track Dwell), Sine-on-Random (SoR), Random-on-Random (RoR), Sine and Random on Random (SoRoR), Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), Vibro-Shock Vibration Control, Multisine Vibration Control etc.