ED Shaker


ITS series electro-dynamic shakers play an essential role in environmental testing. It provides a testing platform for product vibration testing in cases of design and type test, packing and transportation, reliability mission profile, fatigue test, and more real-world environmental simulation. These tests are widely needed among most industries, from automotive to IT, household electrical appliances to satellite, and civil to defense labs.

With the VT-9008 series shaker vibration controller, closed-loop systems can accurately reproduce realistic vibration conditions for products in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and aviation industries.

For closed-loop systems, the controller uses displacement, velocity, acceleration or force as feedback control parameters to accurately simulate a variety of contours and conditions, helping to improve the quality and reliability of many products.


  • Output force from 300Kgf to 5,000 Kgf
  • Frequency Range: 5 – 4,000 Hz
  • Max. Displacement: 2 inches (p-p)
  • Max. payload: 1000Kg
  • Controller: 8-channel controller with random, sine, Shock, RSTD(Resonance Search and Track Dwell), Sine-on-Random (SoR), Random-on-Random (RoR), Sine and Random on Random (SoRoR), Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), Vibro-Shock Vibration Control, Multisine Vibration Control etc.


 Modal Number  ITS-300  ITS-600  ITS-1000  ITS-2000  ITS-3200  ITS-5000
Max. Sine Force  300kgf  600kgf  1000kgf  2000kgf   3200kgf   5000kgf
Max.Random Force  210kgf  420kgf   700kgf  1400kgf   2240kgf   3500kgf 
Frequency Range(Hz)       5-4000  5-3500 5-3000  5-3000  5-2500  5-2500
Max.Displacement(p-p)   25.4mm/1''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''  51mm/2''
Max.Velocity 2m/s6.74ft/s 2m/s6.74ft/s 2m/s6.74ft/s  2m/s6.74ft/s  2m/s6.74ft/s  2m/s6.74ft/s
Max.Acceleration  100g  100g  100g  100g  100g  100g
Effective Armature mass  3kg/6.6lbs  6kg/13.2lbs  10kg/22lbs  20kg/44lbs  32kg/75lbs  60kg/110lbs
Power Amplifier  VSA-D402A  VSA-D802A  VSA-D123A  VSA-D243A  VSA-D323A  VSA-D563A
Blower Model  PBL-W03  PBL-W06  PBL-W10  PBL-W20  PBL-W30  PBL-W50



Electro-dynamic shakers cover a wide range of force output from 300Kgf to 5,000 Kgf. Testing tiny objects to large specimen and payloads. Major applications of the electro-dynamic shakers are:

  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Packaging and transportation related tests
  • Road simulation tests for vehicle and components
  • Seismic simulation tests
  • Other vibration and shock tests 

Transportation vibration test

Whether the packing box will be damaged during transportation is related to whether the internal goods will be in good condition. Therefore, for packing box manufacturers, there are relevant reliability verification standards in the world, among which the transportation part of ISTA 3A standard requires that the equipment can produce large displacement and have large load, so as to effectively evaluate the anti-vibration reliability of packaging. In this case, the 32kN shaking table is used for the vibration test of packaging and transportation.