Power Amplifier


VSA-D Series amplifiers are designed with strict attention to efficiency and reliability. Its single module can be combined according to the actual power requirements. This feature makes VSA-D can meet almost all the requirements of electric-dynamic shaker work, and avoid collapse of whole system due to single module failure. It is baed on integrated logical unt, power unit and control unit, with obvious advantages of reliability, flexible configuration, energy saving and easier maintenance. A number of built-in features in the amplifier allow vibration testing to be performed with ease.

VSA-D Series have incorporated many new features and designs. Good human-machine interaction system and comfortable operating experience ensures the VSA-D amplifier delivers full performance and is compatible with electro-dynamic shaker. Several standard options are available as well as custom solutions designed for customer specifications. It allowing you to easily and economically increase their power capacity to meet future needs without having to replace the entire unit.
Specifically designed to supply shakers with the signal these amplifiers require to perform at optimal levels, and combine strength, efficiency and adaptability. High switching frequency delivers low distortion. Ample heat sinking are incorporated to allow continuous safe thermal operation.

Our engineers are experts in multiple discipline integration, ensuring exceptional reliability and stability for critical military and commercial applications. Premax NA. Inc is your full service partner for high performance power amplification requirements.


  • standard 8 kVA module, modulated and adaptive
  • low distortion over wide frequency range
  • works with different test bench configurations and systems
  • latest IGBT technique, with high withstand voltage, high power
  • MCU+DSP+FPGA framework with advanced diginal control stategy
  • advanced loop control and advance digital control algorithm
  • switch frequency up to 150 kHz
  • Signal/noise ratio>65 dB
  • Parallel operation current imbalance <1%
  • Amplifier efficiency>95%
  • Self protection:over voltage/current/temp./displacement, undervoltage, cooling system failure, module failure, etc
  • high power availability and high safety


Model VSA-D402A  VSA-D802A  VSA-D123A  VSA-D243A  VSA-D323A   VSA-D563A 
Maximum power output  4 kVA 8 kVA 12 kVA 24 kVA 32 kVA 56 kVA
Maximum output current rms         35A 70A 105A 210A 280A 500A
Exciter current(DC) 10A 20A 30A 45A 55A 70A
Exciter voltage(DC) 270V
Maximum input voltage peak 7V
Rated output voltage rms 120V
Output bias voltage ±25mV
Frequency DC~8kHZ
Switching frequency >150kHZ
Amplifier efficiency >95%
Frequency response ±1.5dB(5-5kHZ)
Harmonic distortion (5-5kHZ) ≤0.5%(10 Vpk)
≤0.8%(50 Vpk)
≤0.8%(100 Vpk)
Signal/noise ratio >65dB
Input impedance >10 kΩ
Self protection over voltage/current/temp./displacement,cooling system failure,module failure,etc
Front panel indicators V&I display screen,cooling fun/warning indicator,gain adjust,emergency stop button
Operating temperature 0°C~40°C
Operating humidity 20% to 90% RH non-condensing(20°C)
Dimensions(mm) H.1550×W.800×D.600 H2060×W940×D.600
Weight 350 kg 350 kg 420 kg 710 kg 730 kg 910 kg