Electrodynamic Shaker System


Electrodynamic Shaker System

The Electrodynamic shaker system is intended to simulate the effects of real life vibrations likely to be experienced by components, sub-assembly and systems during their service life when they are installed in an environment where vibrations are continuously induced during usage. These shakers perform vibration test in accordance with different standards. Its have proven versatility in vibration testing applications, they are designed to cater wide range of vibration testing and analysis.

Premax offers a choice of force and payloads to suit different test requirements. Due to our technical knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and high reliability products, we can also provide tests for different applications.


What kind of testing do we support?

  • Automotive parts and systems 
  • Electronic assembly, computer equipment testing
  • Satellite component testing
  • Product and package testing

The System has major sub systems like Shakers, High Power Amplifiers, and Vibration Controllers.