Miniature Shaker System


Miniature shaker

Miniature shaker is a electrodynamic type with a permanent field magnet. It is well-suited as the force generator in general vibration tests, mechanical impedance and mobility measurements, and experimental modal analysis where only smaller force levels are required. It can also be used in the calibration of vibration transducers, both to determine their sensitivity, by comparison with a standard accelerometer, as well as their frequency response. Designed using permanent-magnet technology to deliver excitation, this Mini-shaker is suitable for a number of research and educational applications, including structural response testing and vibration transducer and accelerometer calibration. The mini-shaker is perfect for frequent conveyance, and educational and research purposes in both lab and industrial environments. 

With light weight, small volume, convenient to move, Premax series standard vibration table is widely used in the acceleration sensor calibration,vibration test, fatigue test and mechanical impedance test of micro parts,at the same, the Premax series can also be used for teaching and scientific research and laboratory.
These shakers are typically used in laboratory experiments, modal studies and researches. It can be applied to measure vibration response for a wide range of structures in both defence and civil engineering. It also can be used as a vibration table to test fatigue life and vibration influences for small electric and mechanical components or devices. In addition it is often used for field calibrations of vibration measurement systems.


Compose of vibration generator, power amplifier, vibration controller, signal generator, acceleration sensor.
These shakers, or vibration generators, are miniature bench-top units designed to replicate a vibration environment under laboratory conditions. Ideal for a variety of industry applications, they are also extensively used in academic and research institutions to investigate the dynamic behaviour of structures and materials. They are suitable as velocity transducers, high-speed actuators and non-seismic pickups.


Premax shakers are cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-operate. The abrication has been optimized to allow them to deliver superior peak forces and accelerations over a wide frequency range, from 5 to 10,000 Hz.
Apply to the calibration of high precision vibration meter, mechanical impedance test, vibration analysis of the vibration source.
Apply to the vibration test of various small and lightweight parts such as sensor, electronic, electric machines and etc.
Apply to the basic test of vibration engineering of educational equipment.
Compact-yet-powerful, this shaker combines a wide frequency band, maximum accelerations and relatively high forces to offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for a variety of testing needs that include product qualification, machinery diagnostics and instrument calibration.


  • Light-weighted mini-shaker 5 kg (9 lb) makes it highly portable. 
  • The mini-shaker provides a stable wide-frequency range up to 10,000 Hz 
  • Compatible with most vibration controllers. 
  • Trunnion design allows mini-shaker to be rotated and locked in any angle from vertical through horizontal orientations.

Use scenarios

Testing of automotive components, such as airbag actuators and seatbelt mechanisms
Aerospace component testing, including tests of aircraft instrumentation systems
Testing of electronic assemblies
Structural dynamics testing and modal analysis
Vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions
In-house testing and calibration facilities
Modal and structural analyses, including civil engineering applications like testing of bridges and other edifices
Vibration screening of small components and testing of electronic assemblies, such as mobile phones
Laboratory experiments and bench-top testing, like separation and compacting of powders
Testing of medical devices and materials
General material testing for fatigue and resonance
Used as velocity transducers or high-speed actuators for accelerometer calibration and machinery condition monitoring and vibration measurement

The compact design and portability make the Premax miniature shakers a very versatile, accessible, and popular solution for test and instrumentation engineers. They are ideally suited for general purpose vibration testing of small components, electronic assemblies, Integrated Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards, or as an excitation transducer for experimental modal, academic, biomedical or laboratory research.

We provide solutions as diverse as laboratory testing, modal and structural analysis, squeak and rattle, packaging testing, stress testing and dynamic testing. Markets include  Academic,  Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Consumer,  Defence, Electronic, Energy, Industry, Medical, Oil &Gas, Telecommunication, Semiconductor customers.
Additionally, a number of optional and customizable features are available to tailor the Premax shaker systems to your specific needs.We’re dedicated to supplying high quality products which meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.