Hydraulic Shaker


Premax is now providing servo-hydraulic shakers that including high-quality actuator, powerful and reliable oil pumps, advanced servo-hydraulic vibration controller, customized head expander and slip table, fixtures and other accessories.

Premax has accumulated sophisticated techniques and experiences during the years in servo-hydraulic vibration testing with an unrivaled level of knowledge in this special industry.

Servo Hydraulic Shakers include features of low frequency, large force, and long stroke. Hydraulic shaker systems made by Premax cover basic vibration test, earthquake simulation test, road simulation test, packing and transportation test, and environmental stress screening.


  • Lower Frequency : 0.1- 160 Hz 
  • Larger Force : 2 - 70 KIP 
  • Longer Stroke : 2 - 10 Inch
  • Multi-DOF : 2-poster, 4-poster, 3-axial, or 6-DOF Hardware
  • High quality system and components with 1-year factory warranty
  • Advanced control system with PC based user interface and shorter learning curve
  • Turn-key solution provider from pre-sale engineering consulting to after-sale installation, training, and maintenance
  • Customized solution for special testing requirements
  • Applications Vibration Tests including sine, random, classical shock, RSTD, SoR, etc.
  • Road Simulation Tests compliant with major ASTM standards.
  • Earthquake Simulation Tests compliant with GR-63 standards.
  • Packaging and Transportation Tests compliant with major ISTA standards.


Model Number  PSH-1  PSH-2.5  PSH-5  PSH-7  PSH-10  PSH-30
Since Force(KN)/(KIP) 10KN=2.2KIP 24.4KN=5.5KIP 48.9KN=11KIP 70KN=15.4KIP 100KN=22KIP 300KN=66KIP
Rated payload(lbs) 600 210kgf/463lbf 420kgf/926lbf 700kgf/1543lbf 1400kgf/3086lbf 2380kgf/5247lbf
Frequency Range(Hz) 0.1-160 0.1-160 0.1-160 0.1-160 0.1-160 0.1-160
Max.Displacement(inch) 6/8/10(Comply with GR-63 CORE)
Max.Velocity(inch/s) 40 40 40 40 40 40
Max.Acceleration(m/s²) 20 20 20 20 20 20
Eccentric Moment(N·m) 200000
Table Dimension(inch) 24×24 32×32 40×40 60×60 78×78 120×120
Working Environment Temperture:(0~40)°C,Relative humidity:≤80%